For women and couples before conception, during pregnancy, at birth or throughout postpartum.

Consistent and loving care on the WHOLE journey to motherhood.

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Christine Devlin Eck     Ayurvedic Practitioner,   Birth and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula   413-923-1406   413-923-1406  

  The MotherBaby Program

Customize your program!  

Although a traditional 42-day program will offer you the most complete care and recovery, additional programs are available in lengths to suit each family.

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Why an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula?

Complete and Customized Postpartum Care

~ Minimize experience of Postpartum Mood Disorders

~ Quicker and more complete recovery

~ Enhanced bonding and confidence

~ Healthy and smooth lactation and breastfeeding

~ Rekindle the weakened digestive capabilities

~ Avoid colic and gas

~ Experience enhanced REST

~ Caring for Mom so she can best care for Baby

~Celebrate the sacred 42-day Postpartum window.
It is one of only three unique times in a woman's life
when she has the enhanced potential to experience tremendous growth and radiance in body, mind, spirit and senses.

~ Comassionate, Experienced and Loving Support for mom and baby

~ Appropriate meals for postpartum using Ayurvedic dietary principles

~ Home Spa Care for mom, intergral for bringing the body/mind/emotions/hormones back into balance

~ Ayurvedic herbal support for weak postpartum digestion, healthy lactation, and cell rejuvenation

~ Instructions for Ayurvedic Infant Massage

~ Support for partners and other care givers.

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"I am truly grateful for all of Christine’s support after the birth of my second child. Christine made me realize that the better care I took of myself, the better care I would take of my newborn and my family. From organizing meals for us and making sure I was well nourished to teaching me how to give my baby a massage- all of these things and more enhanced my postpartum experience. Christine’s warm, nurturing nature and her deep knowledge of Ayurveda helped bring the positive to the forefront of what can be a very challenging time for a family. We are so lucky to have her support us and help us fully cherish this amazing time in our lives!"

-Lauren, postpartum mother of 2

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